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4 Reasons to Move to the South

More people are moving south than ever before, with people from popular states like New York and California turning towards Florida and Tennessee.  Although the south is one of the most varied and interesting parts of the country, it often gets overlooked as a viable place to move.

The South doesn’t stagnate, though!

Here are some of the most important reasons people get so bewitched by the South: and why you should consider looking into Knoxville real estate as well!

The Importance of Knowing the Past

Although it’s good that we live in the moment and get to know our present, we must see the past that brought us here.  There’s nothing like the south when it comes to history.  Every city has museums and historical sites from wars, the people who used to live there before, and what made the South into its area today.

Learning from our pasts and knowing we can be different and do better is vital to the human experience.

The Less Expensive Property

Property rates in the south are far lower than they are anywhere else! So buying property in Tennessee or Alabama gives you the chance to pay half as much for a lot of land and comforts. Also, the gorgeous architecture that makes up a lot of the South is so nice to look at, and saving money means you can get your dream home and spend a lot less on it.

The low price also means it’s cheaper to invest in land for income like renting or house flipping: but it’s important to crunch the numbers before you take steps towards this.

The Variance In Places to Live

Do you like snow?  The mountains of North Carolina get a few inches every year! On the other hand, if you love summer storms and rain, the entire coastline and all of Georgia could be your ideal.  The South is a widely varied number of states that offer several different kinds of land and weather. So you can love living in the South and still have the temperature and weather you want, check ahead of time.  Although most of the world is getting warmer and the weather is a little more unpredictable, most general weather trends still follow the same paths.

The Best Food on Earth

Southern food is comfort food even if you’ve never been to the south!  The incredible dishes, ranging from fried chicken to simple corn elotes and the billions of delicious ways they’re cooked in the south, are overwhelmingly delicious.  You’ll want to savor every bite and come back for more.  Although the south has an infamous issue with having too much sodium in their diets, this can inspire you to get into motion and exercise and diet so you can enjoy more of the unhealthy food.

The South isn’t a monolith; you’re going to find corners and bits that don’t fit with what you think of the South as.  It’s a fluid and interesting section of the country that many people would benefit from getting to know better.

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