4 Different Types Of Golf Course Mowers

4 Different Types Of Golf Course Mowers

Golf is one of the most expensive games. The reason being the fact that the cost of maintenance which goes into it, comes with a heavy price tag. As you know the maintenance tools are brought by considering all the regards and aspects relating to the quality, buying a reliable brand of equipment is an expensive affair. For example, Jacobsen golf course mowers need a large sum of money but if you manage to get the mowers on sale that too is good quality, nothing better than that. Here are four types of mowers that you can consider buying for the maintenance of your golf course.

Greens Mowers

Greens mowers are walk-behind and riding mowers. Both of the categories of green mowers have their own pros and cons. Depending on your usage and preferences, you can buy any of these. Walking mowers by Jacobson golf course mowers collection give an experience of more precise cuts than their counterparts. Whereas the riding mowers are quick and easy. They get the job done in a fraction of the time. Unlike the commonly used rotary mowers, green mowers are operated by using reels. They have more blades and an effective scissoring action that keeps them away from the commoners. Another type in the same category is green-collar mowers.


Green collar mowers are a type of walking mowers that come into action when there is a glass length slightly higher around the collar of the green. For a consistent collar length of the green, these mowers are widely used.

Approach Mowers

In the category of popular Jacobsen golf course mowers, there are other mowers that meet the maintenance standards like no other and that is the approach mower. May it be staffing or approach size, approach mowers are too good to be said. They cover tight areas. Therefore due to such an approach, these mowers alleviate the damage and lead to an extensive experience.

Fairway Mowers

Another one is the fairway mowers. These mowers are bigger in size and help in maintaining the expansive golf course areas. This is one of the most sold Toro golf course equipment. Not just Toro but even brands like John Deere are advancing their aspects of such autonomous mowers. When the mower like this is bog and functional, the cost-cutting goes hand in hand. There is an extreme reduction in the labor costs that go without saying with fairway mowers. The only requirement of staff arises during the designation of the new area after one area gets completed.

Primary Rough Mowers

These are reel or rotatory-based mowers, mostly rotatory. As such mowers are not always on the list of buyers, they tend to be cost-effective. When you look for Jacobsen gold course mowers on sale, this is one of the most common types that can be found. With such mowers in the fields, you can do the maintenance once or twice a week. But for the areas that are rough and surround the green, need special care by primary trough mowers thrice a week.

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