13 Warning Signs Of Codependency

13 Warning Signs Of Codependency


Codependency is psychological, emotional, or physical over-reliance on one partner by another. Typically, it has to do with substance abuse. Here, one partner devotes themselves to supporting the other at the cost of their own needs and identity. There are two parties involved; a codependent who’s unable to think for themselves and an enabler who derives satisfaction from being needed.

Warning Signs Of Codependency

Excessive Caution Around Your Partner

It is natural not to want to offend your partner in a relationship. When you start to walk in eggshells around them though, that is another matter entirely. Showing constant, irrational fear of your partner’s opinion regarding the things you do might be a suggestion to reevaluate yourself. Are you becoming codependent? Check out this rehab near me.

Checking In With The Other Person For Permission Constantly

In your daily life as an adult, certain decisions are yours to make. Opinions may, of course, be weighed in on whatever it is you’ve decided to do but weighing opinions is different from a need to go to that person and ask for permission for everything you do.

Feeling Sorry For The Enabler Even After Being Hurt

In a situation where you are hurt physically or emotionally and even mentally, but you’re the one who feels sorry for the other person, you might be getting codependent.

Attempting To ‘Fix’ People With Issues Beyond The Scope Of Your Capability

People have problems. It is a fact of life. The problems might be big or small, easily resolved, or in need of systematic treatment. When you try to solve problems for others that are beyond your capability, you may be showing a kind heart or just be codependent.

Putting The Enabler On A Higher Pedestal Despite The Lack Of Merit

We have estimations of people in our heads that vary, low or high. When an individual is not, by his actions or inactions, deserving of such high estimations but is placed on it regardless, it may be an indication of growing co-dependency.

A Need For Other People To Like You In Order To Feel Good About Yourself

Self-esteem plays a crucial role here. This means that if you find that your feelings of worth are tied to others’ opinions, watch out.

Struggling To Create Time For Yourself

Every relationship has a place for equity, not exploitation. If you are unable to devote time to your own needs, instead lavishing it on the enabler’s needs, again, watch out.

A Tendency To Love Only People You Can Pity And Rescue

A codependent’s existence is based on how much they can sacrifice for the other person. Finding that you love only people who you’re in a position to take care of is another red flag where codependency is concerned.

Hurting When Your Efforts Aren’t Recognized

Recognition is key. It is not just enough for a codependent to sacrifice for the enabler, it is even more essential the other party is aware of the fact. If you fall in this category, you should consider that you might be slightly codependent.

Being Dependent On Relationships

If you find that you will do anything to cling to a relationship, harboring feelings of abandonment if your relationships end, it might indicate that you’re becoming codependent.

A Sense Of Guilt When Asserting Yourself

Passiveness is a hallmark of being in a codependent relationship. You might be reticent or prone to keeping quiet where you’re concerned but if you ever feel guilt for asserting yourself in a relationship, you just might be codependent.

Difficulty Making Decisions

Since a codependent’s entire life is structured around the enabler, they are dependent on that person to make decisions for them, being passive and never taking initiative.

Ignoring Your Morals For The Other Person’s Wants

Principles guide our lives and every individual has them. Whether moralistic or not, it exists for individuals to follow. However, a codependent ignores their life principles to better serve their partner. Do you?


With this article as a guide, you can now tell if and when you are becoming codependent and make the necessary adjustments.

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