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12 Tips to play fantasy cricket games online successfully for beginners

The fantasy game of cricket has become one of the most popular online games. Over the past couple of years, it has multiplied a few times. This is the most realistic cricket game you can play. Play daily fantasy cricket if you had the dream of playing for your country. A virtual team of players creates the opportunity for users to win cash prizes by demonstrating the right skills and strategies. All cricketing actions are also as significant as in the real game, whether they are catches, runs, wickets, or stumpings. If you are unsure of which team is best, check out this list of tips and tricks before picking one: play fantasy cricket

  • Perform a performance analysis of the following players:

Choosing a team based on reputation rather than their current form is among the most common mistakes made by users. There would be many players whom you think are suitable based on their past performance, but at present, they might not be in form, thus stay away from such emotions and players. Keep in mind the current form of players when choosing players who have a chance to play.

  • Know the significance of pitch performance:

It would help if you adapted your strategy based on the specifics of each pitch. The flat pitch is a paradise for batsmen, which is why your gameplay strategy should focus on the minimum number of bowlers possible. You may read about the pitch performance on the internet first and then decide your team. Finally, analyze the last game on the pitch and formulate your move based on what you learned.

  • Ensure that everyone plays:

The following are two fundamental principles that everyone ought to follow, yet we ignore them most of the time. In our laziness, we forget to keep track of the final lineups. One of the worst things that can happen to a team is having the player’s not even play. You should avoid benching players throughout the season. Avoid picking a player from the starting lineup if you have any doubts about their selection. Nevertheless, do not make any changes until the final lineup is announced and do it then.

How to choose a captain and vice-captain:

Picking the right men for both roles is perhaps the most important task. It will be two times as many points for the Captain, whereas it will be 1.5 times as many for the Vice-Captain. The most efficient means of utilizing these two roles is to efficiently switch between them. Thus, think carefully and select your Captain and vice-captain. By far, an all-round captain is the safer option.

  • Invest in a precise way:

Despite being rated on the higher side, some players act below the standard of their price tag. Therefore, your lineup should be comprised of talented and young players.

  • Choose your top-order batsmen:

Also, pick the players who will be in the top 4, rather than players who come in positions 5, 6, or 7. They might be the big hitters, but then they might just get odd 15-20 balls in the entire T20 game. Thus, you should focus on the top 4 players only.

Bonus points:

A catch, a stumping, or even a run out are undoubtedly eligible for extra points. This is where Ravindra Jadeja can provide your team with valuable assistance. Therefore, it’s critical to keep an eye on players who regularly catch the ball and do well on the field. Aren’t you looking forward to those points?

  • Selecting the right strike bowlers :

Choosing your bowlers wisely is as essential as batting. It may prove to be the difference that sets you apart from the competition. If your team consists of bowlers with good economy rates, they will not be of any big help to you. Choose wicket-takers despite leaking extra runs.

  • Selection of uncapped players:

A player who has not yet played for his country internationally is an uncapped player. One of the most significant differences between uncapped and capped players is the ability to make a calculated move. Bowlers who bowl the middle overs are just perfect for the job.

  • Beware of letting emotions hover over you

A fantasy league is a game where your team of 11 good cricket players will be built based on your judgment and not based on emotions. Despite the fact that your favorite cricketer is playing a certain match, if he is not in form or hasn’t performed well against the opponent, you should definitely avoid taking him in your team. A fantasy cricket tip like this is crucial and should be kept in mind.

  • When it comes to fantasy cricket, reputations mean little

Your fantasy league could be negatively affected by big players if they fail to perform. To avoid getting penalized for the failure of big-ticket stars, be careful when choosing them. Such players need to be thoroughly researched before being slotted into your team based on reputation alone.

  • Research shouldn’t be underestimated

Your fantasy cricket team’s final result is as much influenced by the pitch conditions, toss, fielder’s strike rate, and opponent as the players. When building a fantasy team, make sure it is suitable for the situation. Blogs provide in-depth analysis, injury updates and match predictions, that can help you create a fantasy team for any match. Thus, you should regularly keep yourself updated.

  • Timing is crucial

Weather reports and conditions should always be checked as soon as possible. The fantasy cricket team can be changed until the opening ball of a match is bowled. To do this, you should keep your team available well in advance, and then you may adjust them once you get the pitch and the toss report.


If you are a cricket fanatic, but still you need to strategize your team in order to be a successful fantasy cricket player. Cricket lovers also need to enjoy the game as much as strategizing their team. Play fantasy cricket games online with zeal and enthusiasm. You will become better at this task as your strategies improve with each game you play. There is always a bit of luck involved at the end of the day! So, all the best from our side, do let us know if our tips worked for you!

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