Asus Brand For your Server

10 Reasons you should choose Asus Brand For your Server

As a brand, ASUS has acquired a reputation for producing the most reliable hardware and well-functioning technological systems that have resulted in simple real-world solutions.

ASUS servers are fueled by their ability to provide optimal and effective solutions for cloud applications, programs, and data centers.

We take the positive experience at Serverstack in extending the robust services of ASUS servers by providing a diverse selection of ASUS servers.

The following are some of the most compelling and important reasons to pick ASUS brand servers for your day-to-day business operations.

  1. Build Quality of ASUS Servers

ASUS servers are known for their high-quality design as well as their extremely compatible and comfortable structure, which makes them both durable and portable.

Aside from the fantastic design, Serverstack also provides a warranty for the server’s critical hardware. ASUS servers are made with high-quality materials for the exterior layer covering, ensuring the highest level of security and having the ability to take even the hardest of hits.

  1. Guidance to choose the right server from Serverstack

At Serverstack, you can find ASUS servers ranging from 1U to 2GPU, large storage servers, enterprise servers with HDD bays ranging from 8 to 24, and generations ranging from E7 to E10, as well as a wide choice of RAM options ranging from 32 GB to more than 256 GB.

At Serverstack, we provide a large selection of ASUS servers that will meet your company’s needs properly. We provide you with professional assistance and guidance for your ASUS servers at absolutely no cost!

  1. You can Build a Fully Customized Server from Scratch

With the help of Serverstack’s power configurator abilities, you can customize every part and component of your ASUS server to meet your specific needs. You can add more drives or scale-out nodes, or you can lower the number of drives or any other component as needed for your business.

You’ll also get complete technical support for unique settings that meet your specific hardware requirements.

  1. Wide Variety of Servers to Choose

ASUS, in collaboration with Serverstack, gives you a comprehensive choice of servers from the E7 to E10 generations, all of which can be customized to match your business needs. ASUS servers range in power from low to high, with various HDD, RAM, and CPUs to meet your needs.

  1. Extended Warranty on Servers

Serverstack provides an incredible warranty period. You also have the option of upgrading the warranty on select ASUS server components and modules. In addition to the guarantee, Serverstack provides free expert technical support and help for your ASUS servers.

  1. Express Delivery all over India

Serverstack ensures that your ASUS servers are delivered and shipped as quickly as possible. You can order your favorite ASUS servers from our website from any area in India, and we will deliver them to you as soon as possible.

  1. 100% Post Sale Service for your Servers

At Serverstack, we are known for our excellent 24/7 expert technical support services, which are available to answer any questions from our ASUS server users at no cost.

Our support team is backed by experienced and certified professionals who will be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with the most efficient and robust solutions available.

  1. Dedicated Installation Guidance

ASUS servers are the most user-friendly and creative to set up and operate. It’s also one of the easiest pieces of hardware to set up in a matter of hours or minutes.

ASUS servers come with an easy-to-follow installation guide that will walk you through everything from clip-in sliding rails to pre-configured RAIDs with pre-installed operating systems. Serverstack will assist you in every step of your journey of ASUS server installation.

  1. Cost-Efficient and Performance Centric

Because of the performance and power they provide at a low and efficient price, ASUS servers are known for their value for money offerings.

The most affordable ASUS servers start at Rs 80,000. ASUS servers are built with high-end components that not only aid in easy management and trouble-free integration but also provide top-of-the-line security and encryption. ASUS servers provide a highly configurable model that may meet any company’s need without causing delays or serious system failures.

  1. Long-lasting Servers and Durable

The ASUS servers include a perfect design and structure, as well as vertically-oriented hard disc drive (HDD) bays, to provide ideal circumstances for HPC situations.

It has a smart design that allows for space on either side of the bays, allowing for easier airflow ventilation.

It has a 1+1 redundant PSY of 1620W 80 PLUS platinum, which ensures that your server has a redundant power supply, improving power efficiency.

As previously said, these ASUS servers have a solid build quality that protects them from even the most severe hits or environmental conditions.

They are protected by many levels of inner and outside safeguards, as well as optimal component placement, allowing them to last far longer than other brand servers.


After reviewing the ten most important and impactful reasons why you should choose the ASUS brand and Serverstack, you should feel confident in your decision to make ASUS servers the main driver of your business.

ASUS servers not only deliver performance and efficiency at a lesser cost, but they also ensure that proper server maintenance and internal arrangements are taken by easy steps.

The key advantages of ASUS servers are their extensive customization and configuration capabilities. You may easily configure each component of ASUS servers to meet your specific business needs.

Purchasing ASUS servers from Serverstack will prove to be the most beneficial decision for your company because Serverstack boosts the useful characteristics of ASUS servers by providing free shipping, extended warranty, and expert technical support at no additional cost.

So, what are you waiting for in your business? Employ and install the efficient services of ASUS servers from Serverstack today to give your business a boost! Our representatives will work tirelessly to bring you the most advantageous and productive ASUS server offer ever!

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