10 Cute And Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend

Our lives are a series of routines, planned events, and things we simply have to do. We get used to it and fall into a rut that is predictable, comfortable, and secure. The same can happen in relationships, no matter how long the couple has been together. The element of surprise is the key to turning a predictable relationship into an exciting one. Let’s look at the ways someone can surprise their partner and express their love and devotion.


Write her a love note

A love note can contain words of affirmation, words of kindness, compliments, or expressions of gratitude. I love you is not the only sentence your romantic partner wants to hear. You inspire me to work hard on my goals or I feel so loved when you ask me about my day are just some of many ideas. Put your emotions on a piece of paper, keep it short to make the statement last. Remember to leave it in a place where she’s most likely to find it.


Prepare a hot bath and a glass of bubbly

A warm and hot bath is known to relieve stress after a long day. Add a glass of sparkling wine, drop a strawberry into the mix and let your girlfriend know that the hot bath is ready. For a complete spa experience, you can give her a massage after.


Share a Spotify playlist made just for her

Write down the list of songs that marked your relationship from its very beginning until this date. Include the songs you sing out loud, dance to, or mock dance each time you hear them playing. Even include those cringe romantic songs people use for their first dance and you secretly laugh to while clinking glasses together at the wedding reception.


Turn one bucket list item into reality

When was the last time you did something for the first time? If the answer is no, now’s the perfect time to cross an item of your mutual bucket list. Pick an activity you know your girlfriend is trying to try, organise everything and let her know about the date. Make sure it’s on the weekend so you’ll both be free and the surprise will be just perfect.


Pick her up from work and give her flowers

Buy her favorite flowers and wait for her to step out of her office building. The look on her face when she sees you approaching with a smile will be worth it. Give her a warm hug, and ask her to tell you about her day at work while you walk home together.


Organise an evening out with her friends just for her

Another way to truly surprise your girlfriend and show how much you care is to plan a night out just for her. Couples need to spend some time apart to nourish their friendships without their partner. Call her friends, organize an evening out just for her. Don’t forget to tell her how beautiful she is before she heads out.

Surprise her at work

If she’s been having a difficult time at work and she can’t stand the place, surprise her. With one phone call or few clicks online, you can have amazing gift hampers delivered to your preferred location. This gesture will turn mundane days at work into an oasis of calm. This will remind her that she’s got beautiful things to look forward to when the office hours are over.


Accompany her to a pilates class

Your girlfriend has probably been nagging you about going to a class together. Whether it’s a pilates class, yoga class, pottery class, humor her. By taking part in something she adores, you will show how much you value her choices and interests. You can even pick something entirely new, take a class together, learn something that excites you, and spend quality time together.


Take her out

Getting dressed in outfits you both adore seeing each other wear and going out is always a romantic gesture. Tell her how much you’d love to see her wear that floral dress you like and take her out. You can go out, drink cocktails and dance the night away. Or, you can take her out on a romantic dinner to a place you’ve never been before.


Prepare a romantic dinner for two

Either you’re a master chef in the kitchen or just know how to make a few meals. But, it’s the thought that matters, and time and effort invested into the tiniest of details. Cook her favorite dish, arrange the table, light up some candles and chill your favorite wine. You can turn a regular night into a date night with ease. Both of you will enjoy these intimate moments and strengthen your relationship with romantic gestures. 

These ten ideas will inspire you to find the time in your week and organise a romantic surprise for your girlfriend. Quality time spent together is recognised as one of the ways to show love and build a relationship. Just make sure it’s something from this list you will enjoy equally and enjoy the moment to the fullest.


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